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Our Story

fabric of the community. Founded in 1999, our organization emerged from a collective desire to celebrate and preserve the cultural heritage of Black Americans while fostering unity and understanding within Odessa and its surrounding areas.

Originating from a grassroots effort led by passionate community members, churches, businesses, sororities, and fraternities, the Black Cultural Council of Odessa quickly established itself as a cornerstone of cultural enrichment and community engagement. With a mission to provide recreational, historical, and cultural events for the citizens of Odessa and neighboring communities, our organization has remained steadfast in its commitment to honoring the positive accomplishments of local children and educating the community about the heritage of Black Americans.

Over the years, the Black Cultural Council of Odessa has grown and evolved, expanding its reach and impact through a diverse array of programs, events, and initiatives. From annual MLK Day celebrations and Juneteenth festivities to youth recognition programs and educational outreach efforts, our organization continues to play a vital role in promoting cultural awareness, unity, and empowerment.

Through the dedication of our members, volunteers, and supporters, the Black Cultural Council of Odessa remains dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural legacy of Black Americans while inspiring positive change and fostering a more inclusive and harmonious community for generations to come.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Black Cultural Council of Odessa is to provide a platform for the celebration, preservation, and promotion of the cultural heritage of Black Americans. Through our diverse range of programs and initiatives, we aim to foster unity, empower future generations, and cultivate understanding within our community and beyond.